Get a token.

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Enter the cellphone number/E-mail and tap “Next”,as shown in the picture 2. .


Tap“Forgot password” as shown in the picture 1 2.

cd. You can also select your country code by yourself. Inside Tuya Smart for PC you may add devices manually, automatically by scanning a QR code, or automatically by scanning a barcode.

You can also select your country code by yourself.

Smart Life. Before the smart camera pairing process, the SDK must get a pairing token from the cloud in the networked state. <span class=" fc-falcon">Introduction & Cooperation of Tuya.

My understanding is that it is the exact same app, just has a different skin. 6.

Send the parsed QR code to the Server to complete the authorization action.


semoga membantu. Closed.

. I had to input my personal information into the tuyashopenapi.

homebridge -D -U.
Introduction & Cooperation of Tuya; Account Issues about IoT Platform.

Tap the menu icon.

Run the plugin.

I tried 'avahi-browse -alr' on another system (on same VLAN), but don't see anything obvious. . PC: APP: 模拟扫码登录.

Gemstone Light Strips that use Tuya controller won't show on the list of devices. Apr 17, 2023 · class=" fc-falcon">No. And, yeah! It is good to know that Tuya devices can be controlled locally. -2: Generate a QR code: Use the returned token to generate a QR code in a specific format. . .

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Contribute to MrXiaoM/mirai-console-dev-qrlogin development by creating an account on GitHub.

Tap the menu icon.

cURL command.


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